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Step 3: Alternative OPC UA ModelDesign Editors

Last updated on April 10, 2022

Collection of OPC UA ModelDesign Editor Software which can be used to write custom OPC UA nodesets

This Post is part of the OPC UA Information Model Tutorial.


IntelliJ (recommended)

IntelliJ has extensive XML-Editing capabilities. You can open any XML file in the editor and right-click on .xsd links to download or link an .xsd file.

Syntax checking as well as code completion is included.

More on this is described in Step 6: Edit OPC UA ModelDesign File with Jetbrains IntelliJ / CLion



Notepad++ offers support for XML validation (based on XSL file) according to

I was not successful in getting this to work (didn’t try hard though… I guess figuring out the correct Namespace URI format is all it takes).


I gave Address Space Model Designer (ASMD) a quick try, but did not evaluate it seriously. If you are desparate, give it a try. I did not investigate the current state of this project. The only reason it’s listed here, is because it mentioned on (also, read the comments where the author of ASMD provides some context). <- MS Windows binary and sample models for ASMD, so you don’t have to build it yourself

Free Beeond UMX (discontinued)

The predecessor of Beeond UMX Pro was a model editor but is discontinued by now. Beeond UMX Pro itself is a nodeset editor.

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