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Public OPC UA Test Server based on open62541

Last updated on April 10, 2022

This post summarizes the properties and info about the publicly available testing OPC UA server running under opc.tcp://
It is based on the open62541 stack and using the latest release version.

In the Post I list some properties and features about the open62541 OPC UA Stack.

I’m happy to announce that now you can directly connect to an open62541 server without building it yourself. Its discovery URL is:


Just use any OPC UA client (e.g. UaExpert) to connect to this discovery URL and browse the nodes. You can also write to nodes and modify node values.

This server should always run the latest version of the release branch. It is based on the official docker container tagged with latest available here:

You can also run a similar docker container on your own machine by using the simple docker command. You may want to change the hostname to your machine name.

docker run --hostname=localhost -p 4840:4840 open62541/open62541

The server under opc.tcp:// will automatically be restarted every full hour. This means that all the changes are reset and you will get a new clean server.

Provided Nodes

This example server currently provides the basic nodes in the Namespace 0. In addition, there are two nodes in the Objects Folder:

  • Hello World Method: This can be called with a string argument and it returns the same string with the ‘Hello World’ prefix
  • Event Object (2s): You can use event subscription on this object. You will see a new event being generated every 2 seconds
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  1. Yogie Yogie

    How can i modified/replace server implementation on docker?

    • Stefan Profanter Stefan Profanter

      To change the server implementation on docker you need to create your own Dockerfile which is based on the open62541 docker file.
      Then you can compile your own implementation using default CMake and Make commands.
      The main advantage of the open62541 Docker is that the library and development files are already installed and pre-compiled.

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